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Are You Beach Ready?

October 21, 2016
By Total Face Group

Try not to worry too much if you’ve noticed a few extra pounds around your midsection. Most people gain weight in the winter months as the temperature drops, and we tend to stay inside, and indulge in tons of high-fatty comfort foods. A 2012 study by the NSW Food Authority and NSW Health discovered that:
• Almost half of Australians reckon they gain approximately two kilos during the winter months.
• 90% admit to eating fast, snack and takeaway foods because they make them feel warmer and happier.
• 59% say that their weight gain is caused by eating faster and reduced exercise and eating takeaways and junk food.

No matter what the reason is for your weight gain (whether it’s in the winter or summer months), our team wants to share some tips with you to help you shed 5 kilos. They involve easy changes you can make that don’t include exercising, counting calories or anything too different than what you’re already doing.

Slow and Steady

To be successful with your weight loss, slow and steady definitely does win the race. That’s because the slower you are to lose that extra weight, the easier it will be for you to keep your goal weight once you get there.
Make your target between 0.8–1 kg each week for a healthy and safe weight loss.

Credible weight-loss programs promote stopping after you reach the first 5kg and maintain it for approximately six months before trying to lose more weight.

Eat Frequently

People who keep their weight off for over a few years normally eat around five times a day. Light and frequent meals often curb your appetite, improve your energy, enhance your mood and speed up your metabolism, because digestion process burns off kilojoules.

Know the Difference between Thirst and Hunger

Sometimes people confuse being thirsty and being hungry, so next time you think you’re hungry, choose a glass of water first. Drinking water usually helps you feel like you’re full.

Watch Your Alcohol Calories

Take it easy on the alcohol consumption. Try to remember that alcohol contains many kilojoules. A glass of beer normally has 585 kilojoules and a 200 ml glass of wine, has close to 600. Creamy drinks like, Mudslides or Brandy have the caloric equivalent to that of a rich dessert.

Avoid Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are packed with sugar and are associated with weight problems all over the world. Soft drinks have a significant amount of calories and zero nutrition.

Don’t Rush to Finish Your Meal

If you don’t pay attention to your food intake, you have the potential to eat more than you want or need. Make a conscious decision to savour each and every calorie you put in your mouth. Rather than eating on the go or in while sitting in front of the TV, make mealtime part of your day.

Make Your Portions Stylish

Most people tend to eat just a small handful of chips out of a bag and then all of a sudden they discover that they have eaten every single one. An excellent way to avoid overeating is by portioning out the suitable amount of food and placing it on a special plate or bowl, so you don’t overindulge.

Add Protein to Your Diet

Studies conducted in Denmark, Scotland, England, and Sweden discovered that people who incorporate a high-protein breakfast or lunch in their diet are less hungry by the time it’s time for their next meal. The reason is that protein lengthens the feeling being full much more than fats or carbohydrates do.

Expand Your Horizons for Winter Weight Loss

Most of us fall into a pattern of eating the same foods over and over again. This can lead to food boredom, which is associated to over indulging. To avoid this, try and place different fruits, proteins, and vegetables on your plate to add change to your food.

Hope we see you on the Beach!



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