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October 31, 2016
By Total Face Group

Studies show that in Australia there are over 2,000 people working in the tattoo industry, and we have been talking to them to find out more about the recent fads in body art. We’re interested because:

In 2012, Australians spent approximately $93 million on tattoos.
The tattoo industry continues to grow and is worth over $100 million to the Australian economy. From 2007 to 2012 the industry has grown by 27.5 percent. After looking at those numbers, we think that tattoo trends in Australia are worth looking at!
Studies Say “Generation Ink” Has Allowed Tattoos Dominate in Australia

Research that was conducted in a study called, Who Gets Tattoos? Discovered the following:

“In recent years, tattooing has dramatically increased in popularity among both men and women. Once the domain of gangs, prisoners, and specific subcultures, tattoos are now regularly seen on celebrities, athletes, and middle-class young people.”

The popularity of tattoos sits with Generation X and Y also known as “Generation Ink,” showing the highest percentages of body art:

16- to 19-year olds – 5.4%
20- to 29-year-olds – 22.3%
30- to 39-year-olds- 23.2%
40- to 49-year-olds – 16.3%
50+ – 8.7% tattooed

Surprisingly, one in every ten Australians chooses to get their first tattoo after the age of 40. 40% of Australians normally tend to wait until their 26; this means that deciding on a tattoo isn’t just for the rebellious teens anymore.

Is One Tattoo Enough?

We know that getting some ink done is more popular than ever. According to McCrinkdle Research Company, the amount of tattoos per individual is increasing to extreme levels. People who have decided to “think ink,”

54% only have one tattoo
23% have two to three tattoos
15% have four or five tattoos
8% have more than five tattoos
Hot Ink – 2015 Tattoo Trends

Just like any type of fashion, change is inevitable, and this includes tattoo style.

Yesterday’s News

• Tribal designs
• Tramp stamps

Today’s Fad

• Men: Full-arm tattoo “sleeves.”
• Women: Rib lettering

Australia has the Word on Tattoos

The most popular and appealing trending tattoos here have been language-oriented. 1/3 of Australians that have recently been tattooed have a word or symbol.

Trending Symbols
Latin character text
Chinese character text
Symbols with personal meanings
Trending Words
Initials of family members
Names of partners
Names of children

When the Trend Ends: 4 Ways to get Rid of Tattoos

There was a time when tattoos were meant to last forever, but thankfully that has changed.
• 34% of Australians with tattoos say they regret getting a tattoo
• 15% of Australians with tattoos say they are looking for ways to remove their tattoos

Some call this “tattoo regret,” the want to have permanent ink removed can be caused by a number of factors:

They slow down employment prospects
They don’t like their tattoo
The tattoo has mistakes
Poor choice of artwork (ex. Johnny Loves Amy)

Thanks to impressive advancements in laser technology tattoo removal is now an option, allowing skin experts to treat and get rid of once hard to remove colours.

It’s unclear whether more people are getting ink, or if tattoos have become so accepted that we notice them more because people can proudly show them off. In any case, nowadays tattoos aren’t seen as a rebellious act but more as a style just like wearing make-up or tanning, although it does last a lot longer.



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