Total Face Group - Skin clinic
Total Face Group - Skin clinic


Convenience is often the biggest determining factor that contributes to why people choose different clinics. At TFG Melbourne we have 6 different clinics through out Melbourne to add to your convenience of service. With our laser hair removal Hawthorn treatment, our experienced healthcare practitioners easily remove unwanted hair using a state-of-the-art cosmetic laser. Our clinic in Hoopers Crossing offers our Anti-wrinkle Hawthorn clients the ability to create an individualised care plan so you can be sure to expect the exact outcome you were after. Our anti-wrinkle & laser procedures can usually be performed within a lunch break, so if you are in Hawthorn why not pop over to your closest TFG Melbourne clinic?
Hair Removal often requires repeated sessions. Most clients usually need 2 to 6 sessions. After the procedure, they are free of unwanted hair for several months. When it does regrow, it becomes less noticeable and tends to be finer and lighter. Many laser procedures effectively treat large areas such as the back, chest, bikini area, face, neck and shoulders. With hair removal tending to be the most popular treatment from our Hawthorn Melbourne patients it necessitates us to find and place only the finest trained staff throughout our TFG clinics to ensure results are incredible! Each treatment we offer including our anti-wrinkle procedure is preformed by one of our specifically trained staff members, we tightly regulate our staff because stunning results are the bear minimum, especially for anti-wrinkle and laser treatments. Our multiple types of laser treatments provide great versatility for accommodating the wide variance in each of our client’s hair and skin colour. We offer impeccable results at affordable prices, if you are in Hawthorn Melbourne come in for a consultation. Our clinic also offers a range of cosmetic treatments from dermal fillers, lip injections, lip enhancement, cheek enhancement, microdermabrasion, fat removal, and CoolSculpting treatments.
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