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IPL Richmond

IPL in Richmond

A big welcome to our clients in Richmond! Here at Total Face Group’s cosmetic and skin care clinics, we endeavour to promote and encourage feedback from our clients in order to provide you with the best possible customised approach. Our IPL (Intense Pulse Light) services will help to address issues such as volume loss, lines and folds, and improve your skin’s overall appearance. This innovative technology emits a controlled amount of light onto a targeted area, whether it is pigmentation on the skin, the colour of hair, or vessels that are prominent. The light is attracted to what we call the chromophore (melanin, blood, hair), and with the accelerated stimulation of heat, will lift pigment, stimulate the blood flow in vessels and destroy hair follicles. During an IPL treatment, eye protection will be worn to protect your eyes, and you will experience a sensation like a warm/hot elastic band flick and a bright flash of light, which are well tolerated without any anaesthetic. Immediately after your treatment, small capillaries may appear bigger than usual or disappear completely, pigmentation will become darker and hair follicles may be red and a little swollen, but these are all normal reactions to IPL treatment and the symptoms will dissipate within a few days. Total Face Group is proud to assure our Richmond clients that our expert staff uses only the highest industry standards and treatments. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, as is customer service, and our dedicated team of doctors and nurses will take their time during your consultation and treatment to provide realistic advice on your treatment and expected outcome. Want to know more? Speak to Total Face Group about our IPL treatment today and find out why it is so popular. We look forward to meeting (and even exceeding!) your expectations.
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